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History of the pen



[Not set] [bamboo word on pen]


[Yun] with the same pen. Note the word detailed pen.


Research:   [Rhyme] rustic closely rhyme will] force close [rhyme] wall Jiqie, sound will be. [Release Name] pen, described it. Narrative and the book also. 】 【Mailyard no law that pen. [Note] Shu call the pen is not the law also. [Text] that of Chu Yu, Wu people that are not law, that of Vladimir Yan, Qin said that the pen. [Note] ancient ancient pen, regardless of bamboo wood, but it can dye ink into words, calipering that of the pen. Qin swallow six countries, the United States destroyed the former generations, it was said at the time of Penpower. Penpower made pen, pen calipering Qin ear. In dead wood for the tube, deer hair for a column, wool as being the so-called Cang cents also. Tong ear tubes red paint, historian notes used. [Law] book exam YuShiNa cloud: pen six inches long, however, Shinichi, line two, three grass means real palm empty. Li Song Li】 history contained pens, who set the floor. [Note] is a pen, a book of that. Stars and pen. [Release Name] Pen Star, Star Gas has a not too sharp like a pen. Another nickname. [Note] magnolia flower Chu onset such as pens, the North called for the wooden pen. 】 【Ji Yun pen do not cut, sound Bie. Shandong that pen. Also for <  / Yin>. See [Han Qi Yi Bo Fan  ]. And [Yan Yan  ] As, see [move to]. [Set rhyme or for pen.

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Explain Word



[Volume III] [Department] Yu Pen


Qin said that the pen. From Yu from bamboo. Note〗 〖closely rustic Xu Kai said:. "Pen still has 疌, so from Yu"

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Since the 19th century, after the mid-1980s on the basis of the invention of the quill pen, quill pen quickly become an alternative to traditional 20th century major writing tool.


Into the late, computers, printers and network spread rapidly in the 1990s, largely replaced the fountain pen writing function, but the performance is more excellent ballpoint widely used, but also crowding pen market share. Today the early 21st century, pens still irreplaceable feature that many people preferred writing instruments, and to some extent become a symbol embodies holders worth. Production process increasingly sophisticated brand pens have become high-end luxury gifts, become a pursuit of the upper class, expensive.


Pen because of its unique charm to attract a large number of collectors, so how to choose a good pen, has become a science.


There are a lot of people like to collect pens. Because the pen is not only old enough new brands and styles for collectors looking for options, and affordable, have a huge global market, the collection is easy, it is very easy to sell the assets. Even the rare brand designed for the collection, there are few fake fake, not many people dedicated speculation, thus making connoisseurs and investors to buy up more at ease.


Pen classification


What is a gel pen


Gel pen built an organic solvent, which is lower than the oily ink viscosity, water-based ink thicker than when writing, Inks


Over the tip, it will turn into a semi-solid liquid ink, gel ink biggest advantage is that every drop of ink are used in the nib


On, not volatile, leakage, and thus provides silky smooth writing a general sense, the ink flowing smoothly stable.


What is a ballpoint pen


Pens can be divided into oil and neutral: oily ink atom ink viscosity characteristics are high, water is strong, but more oil


; Neutral pen ink viscosity is moderate, less grease, writing fluency, water and light resistance than oily ball pen ink is good.


What is a water-based pen


The main solvent is water based pen, ball pen has a common water-based pen, pen, plastic, brush and highlighter, water


Tasteless compared to oil pen pen nib easy to dry, the handwriting light but not water, the water will render across open, accidentally fell a very


Easily without water.


What is the pen


Projector pen is basically oil pen, suitable for a wide range, can be written on the slide, glass or any object, can not afford to


Color, do not fall off, there are many academic institutions or research organizations prefer to buy projector pen, because it can make a mark on the beaker or test tube.


Some brands of projectors can add ink pen, ink up the first half an hour, the second ten minutes later they are only subject to considerable side


Stools. There are also other manufacturers to provide water-based projector pen, handwriting after its wet erasable, leaving no trace for the need to do the calculation in the field


Presentation or demonstration exercises occasion.


What is the milk pen


Milk is the first pen PENTEL developed by Japanese company, which built the ink is not really milk, but neutral ink


But when it is launched in Japan called "MILKY", and a cow as commercials performance practices; seven plus this product


Colors are pink color, giving a soft feel, generally used to call it "milk pen 'it! Milk can be written in black pen


On or dark-colored stationery can also be applied to the nails, use quite special in Japan is widely girl students.


Fountain pen what the letters on behalf of justice


English letters on behalf of the pen nib thickness, size, tilt, but not the same specifications of each brand, it is hereby


Common sense alphabetical marked as follows: EF: Extra-Fine, fine nib especially suitable person to hold a pen light, strokes


Can be light and smooth passing paper. F: Fine fine nib, suitable for small and lightweight grip word author, Oriental (Taiwan) word


Strokes of the many, so many use this type. M: Medium Medium thickness of the nib, ink flow more suitable for medium-sized font of


Writer. B: Broad thick nib, suitable for signatures, as well as deep and firm font. Stub: Stub, flat


Pen, nib was flat, horizontal writing handwriting when compared with slender, straight over the heavy write. OF: Fine Oblique thin flat


Flat oblique nib, smaller oblique nib, strokes greater detail. OB: Broad Oblique thick thick flat oblique oblique pen nib


Sharp, broad strokes. OM: Medium Oblique medium-weight flat oblique nib.


What is a neutral pen follower sealant (lithium carbonate)


Follower sealant (lithium acetate) based on colloid and surface chemistry theory and practical experience successfully developed a special sealant


, Commonly known as "lithium ester." Suitable for neutral pen refills tail plug, that ink pen tube sealed to prevent evaporation or back,


And with the writing process and follow the ink due to reduced follow-up seal. It can be regarded as "liquid piston."


Pens using "lithium ester" and demanded immiscible with gel ink, clear interface; no bubbles, anti-evaporation; high and low temperature


Good stability, with the dynamic thixotropic flow resistance. Make gel pens in the case of large temperature changes, and maintain good moisture sealing,


Prevent backflow of ink evaporation or overflow. And require fast write, sealants can always follow up, and less stick wall, in order to ensure


Ink can follow up to finish.


Brush classification


Many types of brush, written processed animal hairs are used by the system. So people tend to pen cents elastic strength of different classification. Generally divided into hard ml pen, pen and soft cents and cents pen of three.


(A) hard-mm pen


Hard mm pen hair elastic pen large, a common rabbit hair, wolf hair, deer cents, rat whiskers, stone badger cents, mountain horse cents, bristles and so on.


1 Tuhao pen Tuhao pen has a long history in the Warring States period unearthed in Changsha pen is made with rabbit hair. It is the pen dry a few pieces of split, then insert the tip is made with silk tie tightly. Tuhao divided Zi Hao and gray two kinds. Zi Hao is to take the rabbit spine (also known as Arrow mm) and the hairs on the tail is made of soft and healthy cents. Graying compare very favorable, as Zihao soft.


2 Langhao pen where the "wolf" is not the kind of zoo wolf, but weasels. With a pen made of weasel hair on the body and tail, slightly softer than rabbit hair elastic pen, harder than a brush pen, but more brittle quality, not rubbing.


3 shall pen mouse pen mouse must be made with rat whiskers, so strong performance. According to legend, Wang Dongjin is required to use the mouse pen "Preface" of.


Other hard milli pen, such as mountain horses cents, cents rock badger, bristle pen, pen of special hard, go brush general beginners yet mastered the law is not easy to choose.


(B) Soft mm pen


Soft elastic pen mm smaller than soft. Usually with a brush, chicken cents, tires and other soft cents cents made.


1 Yang Hao Yang Hao pen pen is made with goat cents, its performance is soft on Zi Hao pen, because a brush smaller, longer suitable to write capital letters and breaking nest characters.


2 chicken pen chicken milli milli pen is made with a rooster chest of hair, soft performance in a brush.


3 ml pen tire tread cents a newborn baby's hair, its performance very soft. Southern Xiaozi Yun (487-549) on the used tires cents pen, showing its long history.


(Three) and milli-pen


"And cents", as the name suggests is a combination of means. That is hard cents as the core, wrapped in a soft surrounding cents, sex between pen


Milli milli between hard and soft. Yang Hao Zi Hao and generally will be made in different proportions. Score "three Purple seven sheep", "seven purple three sheep," and "five purple Wuyang" and so on. Yang Hao is also useful combined with Langhao made and cents pen to the size of the size of the "small white clouds", "the sky", "big white clouds." There is also a large Yang Hao added bristle fighting pen, to strengthen its flexibility.


[About the pen's environmental-from-wisdom interpretation (x dawn x)]


Now we use the pen are made of plastic, if often buy a new pen would be wasted. We should make more use of refillable pen types, try using refill instead bought a pen manufacturing another serious white pollution. According to statistics, the degradation time of the plastic at least 200 years, the equivalent of two centuries. So long, and a variety of pollution caused by our own physical and mental health is really very bad. For our environment, like him with refill it! Said an old-fashioned, but the truth: we have only one earth ah!




Writing, painting,

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History of the pen

In the wide range of products in the pens, brushes can be regarded as a category unique to China. The brush is not only ancient traditional essential text of the appliances, but the expression has a unique charm in the special charm of Chinese calligraphy and painting. However, because the brush wearing, well preserved, it has been transmitted ancient pen it is rare. Manufacturing history brush is very long, as early as the Warring States period, the use of the brush has been considerably developed. Chinese calligraphy and painting are inseparable with the use of a brush. More varieties of ancient pen, pen cents from raw materials up points, there had rabbit, white wool, green wool, yellow wool, sheep must, horse hair, deer hair, deer hair, badger hair, raccoon hair, marten hair , rat whiskers, tail, tiger hair, wolf tail, fox fur, otter hair, hairy orangutan, goose, duck feather, feathers, pheasant hair, hair, lanugo, shall, grass and so on. From a performance point, you have a hard cents, soft cents, and cents. From the pen tube texture to points, there are water bamboo, feather bamboo, Bamboo, Zongzhu, purple trespassing wood, wenge, sandalwood, Phoebe, rosewood, sandalwood condition, lacquer, Shen green paint, screw fine, ivory, horns, horns, Linjiao, tortoiseshell, jade, crystal, glass, gold, silver, porcelain, etc., many are precious materials. From the pen uses points, pen landscapes, flowers, pen, pen leaf ribs, figures pen, drapery pen, bone pen set, color pen.


The first brush, can be traced back about two thousand years before. Source brush generally people thought it was the Qin Meng Tian, but the examination of the bones unearthed from the Yin Ruins of the residual piece of Zhu book with ink, the Department wrote with a brush. It can be seen from the Shang before the brush, and brush Penpower who's actually improved.


Spring and Autumn and Warring States when the pen name for the country varies, the "pen", "Yu", "whisk" and many other names. Until Qin implement "book with the text, with the rail car", before the unification of various pen names as "pen." According to legend, Qin Meng Tian had taken a brush pens shanlian village, the local people regarded as being pen ancestors. It is also said Penpower Lady Bo Xianglian also proficient in the art pens, pen is supplied to the empress. To the Han Dynasty, the pen is more elegant, road goblet was the pen master. Raw materials in addition to the Han Dynasty head rabbit pens, as well as wool, deer hair, raccoon hair, wolf hair so soft milli milli hard and use. Meanwhile, texture and decorative pen tube is also enriched. According to the official history books record, China's famous declaration pen was invented in the Han Dynasty.


Although the above has yet to see the Western Zhou Dynasty had a brush kind, but the pattern of prehistoric pottery, Shang Oracle and other signs can procure a little pen. Eastern Zhou Dynasty bamboo Jane, has been widely used a brush to write on fine silk. Suizhou tomb discovered Leigudun brush Spring and Autumn Period, the earliest discovered pen. Subsequently, Changsha, Hunan, left home Warring States period unearthed Mt pen, sleeping tiger Yunmeng County, Hubei Province, Tianshui City, Gansu Province Qin Dynasty unearthed Fangma pen, and Mawangdui, Hubei Jiangling County, Phoenix Mountain, valuable information Wuwei City, Gansu Province, Dunhuang City Xuanquan home and mews Bay, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the strips from the ancient Chinese pen, pen Wuwei Western Jin Dynasty relics of ancient times are rare


After the Yuan Dynasty in Huzhou increasingly centered pens industry is booming. Our brush into the second important development period - Lake Pen period. Yang Hao pen especially the most prestigious for Shihlin love and appreciation for the court was, at this time the lake pen and the pen has been declared by the equally famous, even more than the declared pen, brush become the representative of the country, famous at home and abroad. Is called "Mao Ying's technology heaven" lake pen, originated shanlian Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In ancient times, shanlian membership Huzhou house, it produced here called Lake pen brush, shanlian also known as "pen all." At that time the lake and Hui ink pen, Duan, rice paper called "four treasures" together, and the emergence of Fung Branch, Zhang, and Wu L, Yao Kai, Lu Zhen, Yang Ding, Chen Xiurong, pens, etc. Pan and new teacher.


Ming and Qing Dynasties, Lake T shanlian gradually exposed, shanlian opened a number of people around the famous pen shop, as Besson Gu Yue Xuan Quan in Beijing, Helian Qing, Shanghai's Zhouhu Chen, Yang Zhenhua, Li Ding and, Suzhou, Luyi Tang and so on. Ming and Qing Dynasties of China is the peak pens industry development for the Queen's royal rulers pen and pen, producing exquisite gorgeous to say the least, brush and even private use, but also very focused on decorative and beautiful. Was used as a pen tube quality materials bamboo, jade, lacquer, ivory, porcelain, enamel, etc., on the pen tube decoration, but also to do everything modification of sensationalism, reached an unprecedented richness.

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The method chosen pen

The pen has "four virtues", ie "sharp, neat, round, healthy," one by one the following description:


Tip: When you refer to pen cents gather, the end to the tip of Switzerland. Nib the writing sharp edges prone, easier vivid. Writers often "bald pen," said his pen, but the pen tip is not a bald pen, book God do lose their color.


When you purchase a new pen, glue polymerization hairs there, it is easy to distinguish. When checking the old pen, pen first wetting hairs gather, you can distinguish sharp bald.


Sarkozy: refers to the tip after the opening run flatten cents tip flush. If Sarkozy cents pressure usually equal length, no gap, when the pen moves "square milli-Qi Li." Run entirely because of the need to open the pen, the purchase will be less able to check this.


Round: refers to the pen cents successful as pit-shaped hairs is sufficient meaning. If hairs sufficient force when the pen is finished writing enough, thin body and vice versa, the lack of pen force. Successful stroke, brush round to wishful self-energy. When you purchase, there are plastic hairs gather, is not satisfactory, a closer look will know.


Ken: That pen waist elastic; would lift the pen cents weight, then restitution. Pen elastic, is able to use it freely; Generally, rabbit hair, Langhao Yang Hao strong elastic than the book also strong Junba.


On this point, the pen will re-open run by reinstituted front straight is the key.


Sihde refers pen functionality itself, but also to take into account when selecting rubbings copy of the pen. The so-called "home used by a pen, and wrote him that kind of word" also. Is used to determine what kind of pen, looking directly at his writing is the best way: style Jian Jin, the choice of health cents; posture pro plump, soft selection cents; rigid difficult points, the selection and cents . Also affect the characteristics of the pen to write calligraphy, so that it can attain almost wonderland calligraphy.


Another point is the font size, write Chinese characters with large, with a small pen to write the fine print. Small pen does not write characters wearing switched make such large write the small print is overkill.

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Maintenance of the pen

Once you have a good pen and maintenance is also very important. Opening of the new pen, the first shall open pen. Will buy back the pen to "warm" bubble open, and the soaking time can not be too long, to stroke, "full" can not make the pen root glial also open, otherwise it will become a "brush off" easy-hairs off. Zihao hard, should be more immersed in the water for some time.


Run pen writing before the work is necessary, take a dip ink pen not have to write. The method is first soaked in water to pen cents, then filed, nor long dip, so the gel pen root opening. After the pen upside down, until the stroke is restored toughness, probably ten minutes. When the pen must be kept dry, if not by the lip pen that book, hairs frustrated by re-financing, will become brittle they pass off poor flexibility.


After to start writing, it "into the ink" is also a great learning. For the sake of uniformity, and so the ink can be infiltrated pen cents, water shall be dry, you can drag a light pen on absorbent paper until dry up. The so-called "dry" is not completely dry, as long as you can to the water to accommodate ink. "Inking pen-thirds not deep soaking cents weaker inability to have" at least had the ink dried, you can not operate freely, then back up the ink and more powerless, are poor.


You need to wash the pen immediately after writing. Glial ink, if not washed after pen and ink will dry cents, strong bonding glue, then is not easy to open, and easy to wreck pen cents.


After washing, dry the first pen cents more than the water and into the ink before the same rationalize ﹝ ﹞. And then hung on the penholder pen, can I continue to drip water to dry. It should be noted in a cool dry place to preserve the pen cents prototype and characteristics, can not be exposed to sunlight. Save essentials pen is still dry.

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Pen Collection



China since ancient times the "Golden Age Collection heavy" hobby collection is a tradition of the Chinese nation, but also cultivate sentiments of good form. Collection Hot reflects the rise and fall of a country, social progress, changes people's family life. Collection, for collectors, can cultivate character, strengthen their will, people have a good mood; collection makes the growth of knowledge. In recent years, as China's living standards are improving, the rise of the experts were called following the Song and Qing "third private collection hot" two generations after the civil massive collection of heat. Engage in collection, its interest lies in the appreciation, which aims to seek the truth, which lies in experience, it is the serenity of mind. Let us learn more knowledge collection, so collections into our lives and enrich our lives.


Although the utility brush, but with the economic and cultural needs of the community, making brush and species continues to improve, increase, process improvement, make increasingly sophisticated and fine brush, and gradually have become collections of antiquities and curios appreciation. Brush not keep perishable pen cents emphasis on practical, so brush pen cents from the appreciation of the shapes, the important thing is meant a strong focus on decorative, colorful, rich content pen tube.


The shape pen cents for writing, painting and improvements need to improve. The ancients made of bamboo-style pen cents, is a traditional Chinese name, belongs to the short front brush, pens and cents. Front short and stubby body, shaped like a bamboo-like. Feng abdominal rough shape, easy to fall dignified thick paper. In addition to practical, but gives a taste of fun. Another example is made of orchid style pen cents, is one of the traditional brush category. Written mellow, delicate pure white, like the magnolia wrapped in, giving a sense to watch the beautiful, fast pleasing. Another ancient name, made of gourd-style pen cents, rounded Jian Jin and cents.


Since the pen tubes become appreciation and collection of objects, people often treasure bead system brush tubes to decorate for the United States or to boast of its financial situation and status. Such as: Qianlong forty-three years (AD 1778) Tangbing Jun in the "Man Room four test chart says" Volume "Pen said," said: "Chinese Pen, carved in gold, and decorated with walls decorated with beads Sui, Pei Chui Man with Pipe non-text rhinoceros, will be to ivory, extremely Huali Yi. "brush at this time, is not only a painting tool, and some still play concept for people to appreciate art. This paper describes the pen tube decorated reached perfection Seiko has perfected the appreciation condition. Such as: the ancient craftsmen can use inch barrel less than the circumference, depicting engraved clever landscapes, imposing rocks delineate the sea, enough to show the unique decorative taste. Reached the appreciation condition. Ming Palace Museum collection black lacquer, lacquered depiction Un Yong Kim, dragon, Ssangyong tube pen is an example.


These tubes brush, pen loops were painted black for the land, with lacquered painted mountains, sea, Yunlong Flaming Pearl. Choppy sea, towering rocks, during which the waves hit the rocks, the great everywhere, a few strokes, outlining the high school even better mood, set off a volley flying dragon, playing with a pearl in the cloud vault, magnificent. Combined with lacquered painted fine, bright colors harmony, picture composition prioritize, precise layout. Pen barrel and gold buckle, adding a sense of Furama expensive. Written coat smooth, rounded sturdy, gourd-type Fengjian cone, beautiful and straight, Seiko clever system, sharp, neat, round, four virtues perfect health, the Ming Pen empirical level, is handed down four treasures treasures, is a brush appreciation dilute material. So the focus is to see to appreciate brush decorated with artistic painting, sculpture, mosaic materials and barrel of the pen tube. Materials and decorated on its value is high.


Identification of ancient pen, first saved historic relics and ancient pen do all the times systematic understanding, knowledge, grasp the rich cultural connotations. Upper limit to distinguish the history of the pen, pens distinguish regions grasp the characteristics of each era famous pens, distinguish civil production, supplies or imperial court, or the court of Imperial, intrauterine folk stereotypes as a tribute, or the court Office was homemade. Secondly, look at the pen cents damage. And then focus on the pen tube decoration, whether famous engraved pens, whether celebrity gift language and inscriptions. Division of the celebrity era, have a rich scientific and cultural knowledge, rich literary level, in order to identify Verse celebrity culture, a heritage of the times we go identification, which reflects the value of heritage. Each of artifacts in various historical periods, fake fake goods have appeared, as long as we enrich their knowledge, more common and more knowledge, humbly ask others will improve their ability to identify awareness.


Lake said the pen eighteen


For the first four treasures of the pen, and Lake T In ancient times, people have been given a variety of chic in lieu of that, has a wide range of applications. Abundant charm, intriguing.


First, the tube: "memo": "Tong tube", also pen tube also.


Second, the tube: Don "Kaiyuan Romance": a scholar, Ye Jin Li Linfu, called pen as "pipe."


Third, Mao Ying: Song Chenyuan "Ink Hall Collection": "I have to rely on any line, Miles a Mao Ying."


Fourth, the tube Chengzi: Han Yu "Mao Ying Chuan":. "Qin emperor makes (Mengtian) Tian Mu gift of soup, and sealed tube princes City, Hao Yue tube Chengzi pen is made, Penpower, it said Song Huang Ting" drama Yi was the father of the hole, "the poem reads:" To Chengzi no carnivorous phase Kong Wen, Dear John letter. "


Fifth, the tube City Hou: "Man Room four spectrum," it has been claimed. Wen Song "Tube City Hou Biography": propaganda Mao Yuanrui, learn Wen-feng, labeled tubes City Hou.


Sixth, in the book the king: "Mao Ying Chuan": Mao Ying who Zhongshan people. Sealed tube Chengzi tired ZhongShuLing worship, called for "the king in the book." Su Song Dynasty "from laughing" poem: "Thank monarch in the book, with me this secluded habitat" that chant matter.


Seven, hair Cone: Song Yang Wanli "Chengzhai collection": "Yang pillow tank mound overlooking the pool, to mention a large sword left and right hair cone."


Eight, hair awl: "The new Five Dynasties 史弘肇 Biography": "弘肇 said: 'An Zhaoting, fixed and bring disaster, straight spear sword shall, if the hair full and Kazuya An awl' Third Division Chapter of the king, saying:  'Hairless awl , from a set of almost any military Fu '  hair awl made pen cap also. "


Nine, cents, cents factors: Jin Lu, "Wen Fu" Cloud: or containing cents and then invited, "the only factors of the proposed cents." Annotation: "cents, pens, books, Su Qian said," hence as "milli prime."


X. cents Cone: "Peard set": Lotte and dollar micro-fiber front of each thin tube pen, carrying with it the test, head to "milli cone."


XI, being put: Su "fresh in sub-Chun see left Daozi painting": "feel to put pen to paper inadvertently, marvelous unique being put Britain."


XII health cents, round Feng: "Church Hill test": Don, the admission exam will be held on the occasion of the child, Lee addicted to compete to sell "health cents", "round front" pen name. Ten times its high prices than usual, "was named the pen."


XIII, Yang Hao, Langhao, and cents: Lake pen material from wool, wolf tail wool blend or both. Take a brush nib wool, Wolf said Langhao brush head, said two hybrid written and cents. It was also to Yang Hao, Langhao, such as title and cents "pen" is another name.


XIV asparagus: "asparagus Song": "re-release of its pen, said asparagus friends." The pen has a reputation associated Song: asparagus as a friend, Robin eye streamer. "Asparagus" means pen.


Fifteen, rabbit hair, Lin tube: couplets: "Tuhao push Zhao, Zhang Lin pipe thanks," There are two allusions. The Union by Wang Xizhi's "pen by": Han Zhu Jun Xian Tu Hao, Zhao cents only used. "From the second line of the East Jin Wangjia" Supplements worship ": Zhang of" Natural History ", Emperor Wu gave the pen name" Linjiao tube, "as encouragement.


XVI chicken from deer hair, rat whiskers, Linjiao: a couplet: "chicken from deer hair colored flowers, rats must Linjiao pen sweep Qianjun." The Union "chicken from", "deer hair" are ancient name pen. The former Code of Bai's "chicken from the pen Fu": "no rabbit hair, no to drafting purposes; does not name the chicken from, no to joining the table of power." The latter Code "Tang Geography": qizhou Qichun County Shigong: White relieve Tansu, deer brush. Second line "rat shall", "Unicorn" is also the name of both the ancient pen. "Pen" cloud: "Shi Chuan Zhang Zhi Zhong Yao pen with a mouse is required, there is a strong stroke fresh mango." "Unicorn" is "Linjiao tube."


XVII Peia Changhua: "To the imaginary Court miscellany": Pen God called "Peie", also called "Changhua."


Eighteen, Ying Lake: Lake Pen Lake, also known as Ying. Ying Lake is the largest lake pen features. The so-called "Ying" means written some neat tips and transparent shiny seam Ying, industry people call "sunspots", which is not found in the other pen. Therefore call it.



"Pen" of eighteen kinds

Pen wrote called "Mingbi"


Write your own text called "personally"


Writing interrupt called "augmented pen"


Written by someone else dictate text called "ghostwriting"


Brainstorm one or several draft text called "write"


Exercise of the text called "Lianbi"


Especially wonderful text called "magic pen"


Calligraphy writing skills reflect the article called "writing."


Pre article for tips or implied, before the echoes of so called "foreshadowing"


Syria subtle implication inconvenience straight text called "writing technique"


Nothing to do with the title written text called "free pen"


Particularly meticulous depiction called "meticulous"


So bloated text article called "fee pen"


Bad place to work written called "flaw"


Writing highly literate writer, and his works called "generous"


Unfettered writing called "letter T"


Some thoughts on certain aspects, readily transcripts, eclectic article called "essays"


After the end of the complementary body of text is called "Yu Pen"


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