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Evolution of the pen

      For thousands of years, humans have been leaving their mark. Some cave drawings about people and animals at least 2.5 million years old. However, the time of recorded history of mankind, but the pen is much shorter. Two thousand years the development process is the best embodiment of the pens of human creative thinking.


2000 BC: Chinese people use mouse hair brush made of writing. Ink with soot, kerosene and gel blend.


Far public before 1200: Egyptians extract made from natural dyes and colors Blackwater from berries, plants and minerals. "Pen" is a thin reed. 600 years later, the Egyptians invented papyrus.


400 AD: Many civil society have invented a more stable ink. It is iron, oak and acacia trees gall mixed. This basic recipe used for centuries.


700 AD: Roman invention quill pen (quill), using a feather of a bird on the wing. Quill become (West) main writing tool in later in 1000.


1548: Spain calligrapher Juan de Isidor Yar in his calligraphy pen manual earliest mention of bronze.


1700: Nicholas Biondo (the era of Louis XIV of France's musical production master) is the first fountain pen left drawing. He has five pen handed down.


1803: British engineer Brian Donkin awarded the first patent steel nib.


1809: Pere Green Williamson in the United States for the first time to get pens aspects of patents, which is a fountain pen ink tube there. But his design has many flaws.


1830: British steelworkers William Joseph Gillott, William Mitchell and James Stephen Perry invented a method for mass production of the pen tip. Improving the quality of the steel and then 20 years, fewer and fewer people using quill.


1884: New York insurance salesman Lewis Edson Waterman pens bad because after losing an important client invented the first practical fountain pen sticks.


1888: Weymouth, Mass., John Lauder won the first franchise branch ballpoint pen, but until the patent expires, it has not been mass-produced before.


The first decade of the 20th century: 4 pens manufacturers dominate the market, they are Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman Will a Yongfeng and live.


1912: Sheaffer fountain pens in the pen tube suction device adds rod. Prior to this, people with a dropper to add fountain pen ink.


1935: launch of the ink sac living Terman, was a small glass cork.


1938: Slovenia, Hungary reporters Radi Biro and his brother Georg invented the first practical ballpoint pen sticks. It uses dries quickly printing inks. Later, the British government license for the British Air Force pilots they make ballpoint pen. Ballpoint pen will not leak at high altitude, while the fountain pen ink will leak.


1945: Chicago businessman Milton Reynolds contrast Luo invention redesigned and put it into the United States. Biro was the invention is not patented in the United States. Yongfeng than Luofa Ming has franchise company quickly put their products to market. The new fountain pen sensational, sold very well.


1950: French Baron Marcel BAK than even established companies. His company specializes in mass production of a ballpoint pen. (Today, BAK is the world's largest pen company, selling 21 million pen every day, 7.6 billion a year.)


1951: After the initial enthusiasm public found ballpoint high prices and unreliable. Ballpoint sales dropped sharply. Fountain pen comeback.


1954: Parker pen company launched "Jotter" ballpoint pen. This is more reliable than the new ballpoint pen writing time most popular products like 5 times longer. Sales picked up again ballpoint pen.


1962: Tokyo Stationery Company Horie tail wood inventing the world famous felt-tip pen.


1966: Fisher invented for the NASA Space Pen. This pen ink sac through a pressurized can write in weightlessness.


1979: Gillette introduced a new pen, write the word can wipe it within 10 hours. Its know-how is made of rubber glue ink.


1984: Japanese cherry introduced neutral ink pen, ball-point pen and marker which is an intermediate product, using a neutral ink (gel-ink).


1996: American John Ritter launched "Milkys" gel ink pen, greatly American children are welcome.

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