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2014 Pen industry will continue to maintain a rapid growth rate


      The current overall production and operation pens in good condition. 2010 Pen industry output and exports to achieve double breakthrough: the above-scale enterprises topped 20 billion yuan of industrial output value reached 20.163 billion yuan, a record high, industrial output value, sales value in annual growth of more than 40%; 2010 exports topped $ 2 billion, the highest recorded. At the same time the industry has shed pens situation by restricting exports, export dependence is reduced to 33.42%, greatly enhanced ability to resist risks.

2010 Pen above-scale industrial output value of 17.72 billion yuan enterprises, an increase of 29.48%; industrial sales output value of 17.136 billion yuan, an increase of 31.21%, sales rate of 96.70%; export value of $ 1.846 billion, an increase of 26.72%.

Expected in the gradual implementation of the industrial policy measures, the export situation is excellent situation, in 2014 the industry will run in pens rising channel and continue to maintain a rapid growth rate of the year will continue to show steady and rapid development momentum.

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