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State-owned stationery brand increasingly popular


         Data show that the private economy has become an important subject of China's foreign commerce. Private economy has accounted for more than half of China's GDP. Meanwhile, a growing number of state-owned stationery brand welcomed by consumers. Stationery entrepreneurs are also aware, do not pay attention to build brands, businesses would be difficult to capture the market; no brand companies, is not viable enterprises. Private economy will become our own brand new building and the main force of the air force.

    In the enterprise scale and rapid revenue growth, profitability 500 private enterprises also significantly promoted. 2011 top 500 private enterprises realized a net profit after tax of 391.134 billion yuan, an increase of 79.46% over 2010 top 500 private enterprises; 500 private enterprises, only a business loss for 2011.

    Vice Chairman of China Association of merchandise trade Chu Xiu Qi said that the current state-owned stationery company's market share is gradually reduced, some state-owned enterprises through joint-stock reform to achieve a diversified property rights. The resolution plan flexible, adaptable private enterprises rely on big brand accounted for more than 80% market share.

    Followed by foreign cultural goods famous enterprises penetration, consumers can choose the brand more and more. Competition to brand competition is also the way of technology, quality, service, multi-faceted governance by a single price competition. Despite the current low-end manufacturing, OEM production is still the main way of stationery manufacturing industry, however, a growing number of private enterprises are familiar with the importance of brand building. In other words, today's stationery market, who owns the market recognized brand, who will remain invincible in the face of intense competition.

    Cultural goods industry is a small industry, but also the rapid industrial development of light industry, an industry more perfect. At present, China's cultural goods industries include eight categories, there are pens, stationery, school supplies, office supplies, art supplies, paper and so on. Stationery enterprises have more than 8000 in China, where annual output value of more than 20 million or more, a brand-scale enterprises have 3500, has more than 1,000 export enterprises.


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