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2015 Hong Kong International Stationery Fair


Start Time :2015-01-06

End Time :2015 -01-09

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Tel 021 -61972165


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Contact: Peng Rong

Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Address: Pangu Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, Lane 388, Building 6

Exhibition Overview: The relevant units:

To explore the international market of stationery products, stationery products export promotion, commissioned by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, as the exhibition mainland China agent, our company will be held at the Hong Kong delegation to participate in the Conference and Exhibition Centre January 6, 2015 至 9 May The 15th Hong Kong International Stationery Fair. Notice of the matter as follows:

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair organized by the HKTDC, 2014 has been successfully held 14 sessions, internationally renowned. The exhibition aims to provide top buyers around the world of stationery products, open new markets, build an ideal platform to discuss trade and exchange of information. 2013 Hong Kong International Stationery Fair, a total of 219 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions participated, with a total exhibition area of 5,061 square meters. Exhibition visitors get Twenty-four percent increase, a total of from 113 countries and regions 19,332 professional buyers to attend. Buyers from around the world, the top ten countries and regions are: China, China Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and the Philippines. 2013 Hong Kong Stationery Fair in the industry praise.

Trends seminar is an important part of the Hong Kong International Stationery Fair. Held two informational seminars during the 2013 Hong Kong International Stationery Fair. Seminar on the theme "Europe and the United States stationery latest trends and market opportunity," the place on January 7, is about the U.S. and European market trends seminars, providing advice to enter the European market for the participants. Seminars Group Managing Director, Mr. Ryan Farber Ltd is delivered by experienced international trading company RMS International (UK), and at the meeting with the participants to share ideas on topics to help participants to tailor their business development strategy. Seminar titled "Color Trends 2013 of stationery products" by the global authority on color development and research specialist Pantone Pantone chaired Speakers apparel and Miss Huang Meihua company sales and marketing director for the home department. Seminar reveals cleverly balanced color trends 2013, to enable professionals to attract consumers to grasp the key colors.



Hong Kong Trade Development Council



Hong Kong Trade Development Council



Hong Kong Trade Development Council


Exhibits: 1, art supplies: paint boxes, art materials, painting canvas, colored pens, crayons, art easel with embossed seal, brush, painting paper, paste and glue, clay / clay, scissors, sponges, dish, stickers, watercolor color palette, painting watercolors

2, children stationery and school supplies: blackboard, chalk, compasses, correction fluid / correction tape, medical education equipment, eraser, pen, lunch boxes, maps, teaching model, pencil cases and pencil, pencil sharpener, projectors, protractor and triangular ruler, school bags, school stationery, slide books, teaching books, stamps books, water bottles, WordPad, WordPad Duster

3, office equipment supplies, computer peripheral equipment and accessories: magnetic / smart card / memory card reader, computer packages (bags), can read and write CD-ROMs, computer printers, CD rack / book, headphones, photocopy / printers ink / cartridges, printing ink, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, copy paper, fax machines and cash register paper, sketch, a filter over the screen, speakers, USB products, network cameras

4, Gift Stationery: desk stationery, gifts, gift boxes, gift stationery, writing equipment gifts, greeting cards, stationery authorization, promotional stationery, ribbons and bows

5, office supplies: abacus, sets of documents, bank equipment, binding classification of paper, binding machines, binding supplies, books by / book stand, bookshelves, briefcases, suitcases, computers, cash / check processing machines, cash registers, and even clip WordPad, copy, detectors, desk stationery sets, fax machines, folders, labeling machines, plastic machines, magazine rack, business card holder, paper clips, paper cutter, paper shredders, drilling machines, typewriters whiteboard.

6 Paper and print: calendars, paper bags, paper boxes, photo albums, postcards, notebooks, book drafts, packaging paper, writing books and notebooks.

7, writing equipment: pens, ink and ink, brush, pen, pen, highlighter, pencil, white board pen, pen marks.


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